Available Events & Trainings

Future Energy Trends

One day training focusing on:

– Overview, Fossil Fuels, Environmental Policies and Legislation
– The limitations of fossil fuels
– Crude oil, Natural Gas and Coal markets
– Strategies to 2030, Government Actions and Policies
– Government involvements & stakeholding on energy projects


Renewable Energy

The two days program will cover the following:

– Economic issues associated with renewable energy
– Drivers of value in renewable energy projects
– General discussion of risks for renewable projects
– Discussion of wind and solar technologies


Utility Supply Chain

There may be few things about less exciting than its supply chains. But few things can gum up a plant’s operations more completely than mismanaging supplier relationships, parts sourcing, and inventory.

The program covers the Service level indicators – key performance measures and Supplier relationship – performance management best practices and cutting-edge knowledge on improving supply chain efficiency.

Clean Energy & Technologies

The program provides insights on latest technologies in clean energy. covered topics include:

– Innovations and the Future of Clean Energy
– Clean energy systems as mainstream energy options
– Solutions through clean technologies
– Clean Coal Technology, Hydrogen Energy & fuel cells
– Green Buildings & Energy Storage
– Alternative Niche Markets: Downstream Opportunities