About us

North West Business is specialized in business to business services and solutions. Organizing professional strategic conventions, to keep senior executives and decision makers worldwide and in various industries, up to date on the recent case studies, strategies and new techniques conducted by the most successful corporations.

We’re a full-service conference management and corporate event planning company. We work with international scientific and research associations, government organizations and corporate clients. We deliver through provoking, unbiased, information through an optimum mix of conference, workshops and bench marking forums, which consist of current research, market trends, technological developments and application.

We will help you and your company’s gain a competitive edge and assist you to make strategic choices to further take the business to new heights in an ever changing environment.


More about us

Who we are

We are a well-established business to business service provider specialized in managing, organizing and conducing leading industry conferences and summits. Our enthusiastic team of young dynamic professionals works according to the latest industry trends, with the aim to provide the most compelling practices, approaches and strategies to our clients.

What we do

We are the composer and maestro of top-level professional events. Our aim on each event is to bring the right; topics, speakers and diverse audience to one place creating a healthy platform to inspire knowledge sharing and networking.

Why we do it

We are engrained in diverse industries and cultures, passionate about learning and sharing strategies that work. Our motivation is helping our clients be equipped to face daily challenges, crisis and change.

Where we do it

Our event series takes place in major European cities. Customized trainings and tailored programs are available for EMEA clients’.

Why choose us?

As a company, we believe in providing clients with what they need, not what we want to deliver. We understand that each and every client’s operation is unique, and has unique requirements. We always work closely with our clients, and work according to the latest industry trends, with the aim to provide the most compelling practices, approaches and strategies to our clients.

Our vision sets out the type of company we aspire to be. We are an ambitious, reliable learning partner. By placing enterprise at the heart of everything we do, we will develop an innovative and creative culture that empowers people.

Innovative and inspiring company, challenging our clients and partners to excel.

We aspire to be:

  • Customer- Oriented
  • Innovative, creative and enterprising
  • Committed to supporting our clients and partners
  • Focused on excellence and its celebration
  • Dedicated to enjoyment in learning and work